Orangewood Christian School welcomes qualified international students from around the world to join our homestay boarding program. At Orangewood, international students attend classes with their American peers in an immersive English environment. Our unique program fosters a community where international and American students grow together both intellectually and spiritually.

Our program will:
  • Ensure students’ success both at the high school and university level.
  • Offer Academic Support~ We provide college preparatory classes as well as ELL academic enrichment program for students who desire a stronger foundation in the English language.
  • College Planning~ We will work with each student individually to guide him or her through the university application process
  • Provide wellness care
  • Create family Partnership
Orangewood looks for students who are:
  • Respectful of the Christian values of OCS
  • Emotionally and socially mature
  • Academically motivated and successful
  • Willing to participate in clubs and activities

We understand not all international students applying to OCS come from Christian backgrounds, and our policy is to treat all students’ beliefs with equal respect and dignity. However, please be aware that students accepted to OCS will be placed only with Christian families. Additionally, international students will be required to take courses in Christianity and other world religions to satisfy Orangewood’s general graduation requirements.

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