Orangewood Christian High School provides a challenging college preparatory education in the context of a strong Christian community. Orangewood offers a technology-infused curriculum that integrates course-based study with exploratory and experiential learning that prepares students for college and life beyond. Our curriculum includes college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement (AP) courses, providing opportunity for students to earn college credit before high school graduation.



Recently, our high school added Mu Alpha Theta to its list of nationally recognized honor societies which students have the opportunity to join.  The principal purpose of adding this into the high school is to stimulate a deeper interest of mathematics while giving math students the ability to compete in math contests on a national scale.  

One of the mathematics contests that the organization endorses is the Log 1 Contest. The Log 1 Contest consists of tests that cover general math topics, functions, counting and probability, number theory and applications. For the first time in school history, the members of Orangewood's chapter took part and placed 22nd of the 79 schools in the Florida region.  Although many schools in close proximity to Orangewood took part in the competition, Orangewood placed higher than any local schools in the contest.  We would like to congratulate Arthas Zhang who participated in the highest category of the Log 1 Contest and placed 11th out of 848 students in Florida.

In addition, on March 7th, 10 of our Mu Alpha Theta students participated in the Mathematics Association of America's  American Mathematics Competition.  This is a nationally recognized competition with participants from all fifty states. Our top 3 scorers were Arthas Zhang, Zachary Cowan and Zesen Ma.  Arthas Zhang scored in the top 5% nationally and was invited to the second round of the competition and we highly anticipate the results.  

We would like to congratulate all of our students who participated in these two competitions and encourage them as they continue to strive for academic excellence in the area of mathematics.