Clubs & Activities

Sailing Club
The purpose of this club is to teach the fundamentals of sailing to enthusiastic persons with no previous sailing experience.  All participants are required to actively participate in sailing a boat which includes handling lines, raising and lowering sails, trimming sails, and steering the boat.  It is our objective to provide each participant with a positive hands-on sailing experience and participation in the actual operation of the boat is essential.  Upon successful completion of the initial club season, most students will be capable of sailing a boat in light to moderate wind conditions or crewing for others in most wind conditions.
Debate Club
Students will improve their ability to research and organize information, think critically, and speak in public.  They will learn the basics of argumentation and debate through regular team practices and competition.
National Honor Society
The National Honor Society recognizes outstanding OCS high school students.  It is more than just an honor roll, NHS honors students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.  Membership is by invitation.
Chess Club
This club offers instruction and competition to challenge each player to become better.  The club consists of practices, matches and tournaments.