As image-bearers of our Creator, we recognize the fact that He has given each of us abilities and gifts that are unique to each of us. By providing individualized support and direction, the guidance staff hopes to strengthen and encourage each student to gain a clear understanding of God's purpose for his or her life. Our personal, academic, college and career counseling has an eye toward equipping each student to make wise and thoughtful decisions during the high school years as the transition into college becomes a reality.  

Once a month, our counselors meet with guidance and college counseling staff at other local area private schools for professional development as part of the Central Florida Consortium of Private School Counselors.

Our office registers and schedules students for classes monitors state and OCS graduation requirements as well as state university admissions standards, oversees grades, report cards, and transcripts and provides counseling for crisis intervention, social and personal issues. In the area of college and career counseling, we provide support, direction and encouragement to students and parents throughout the college search and application process.