High School Technology

Orangewood Christian School 1:1 Initiative                          

Goals and Objectives

Students entering the workforce in the twenty-first century need technology skills that  allow them to be contributing employees who assist in the success of businesses and  organizations in a highly competitive, technological, and global society.

Student learning requires a combination of quality educational experiences and access to appropriate resources.  Developing students’ technology skills to high levels requires us to provide both of these components.

The Orangewood Christian School 1:1 Laptop Initiative will enable OCS to provide the opportunity and the resources to bring equitable student access to technology and the educational experiences that integrate technology into learning.

Specifically, the goals of the 1:1 Laptop Initiative include:

1.      Improve the technology literacy of graduating students from Orangewood Christian School
2.      Expand learning environments that integrate technology into classroom instruction and student learning
3.      Provide a 1:1 student-computer ratio that makes technology resources accessible to all secondary students, enabling and encouraging digital learning during and beyond the school day
4.      Prepare graduates for the workplace by providing educational opportunities for technology literacy through experiences with the following technology skills and applications:
a.      Applying word-processing skills
b.      Researching and acquiring information
c.       Preparing and using spreadsheets
d.      Creating multimedia presentations
e.      Understanding the basic functions of a computer
f.        Using technology and related resources responsibly
g.      Increasing communication skills using software applications

Requirements for OCS BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 1:1 Program

Orangewood Students in grades 6th - 12th are required to come to school every day with their laptops.

Windows Operating System – that would be Windows 7 or 8. Duo Core processor or i3 on up.  
Apple Macbooks – that would include the MacBook Pro or Air. Must be running OS X (10).  
Screen size: between 10” and 13.3” – anything larger would be heavier and the battery life would be less.  
Built-in wireless connectivity  
2 gigabyte of RAM – this is the bare minimum for running Windows 7 and the programs that students will be running.  
Battery life: 6 hours – this can be one or multiple batteries.
These specs will allow students to do their work. However, if you’re looking for increased speed, here’s our recommendation:  
Windows 7 or 8  4 – 8 GB RAM  i3, i5 or i7 processor. These are the most current processors in Windows.
Please note: The following are not supported:  
Android tablets  
Windows RT. This one is a little tricky. RT runs on the Microsoft Surface tablet. Surface comes in two flavors: Pro and RT. Surface Pro is supported, RT is not.