Spiritual Life

What is the greatest thing in the universe?  Is it not the love of God?  Our desire is to create a culture in our school community where we can freely receive and freely give this wonderful gift.  We want our students to have every opportunity to know and understand the liberating truth of the gospel, and to be free…free to be themselves, free to serve, free to be loved, free to love.  We highly value relationships, which the greatest means by which spiritual life development flourishes.

Our chapels are planned thoughtfully and prayerfully.  During our chapel times, we want to “massage” the gospel into our community, worship together, and provide opportunities for students to grow in their particular gifts.  Our Bible classes are designed to both increase Biblical knowledge and enhance practical application of and submission to the Word of God.  We also highly encourage optional initiatives, such as Bible studies, support groups, student-led prayer or worship times, and multiple ways to serve together.