Parent Teacher Fellowship - PTF


The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) serves Orangewood Christian School (OCS) by organizing and supporting activities, programs and fundraising events for the benefit of OCS students, faculty and parents.  PTF works to advance the mission of OCS by building a sense of Christian friendship and community.


Wendy Evans

President Elect   Open
Recording Secretary
Communications Coordinator 

Neke White


Sara Siwarski

Blessing Coordinator   

Lindsay Alexander

Lower School Coordinator

Amanda Classon

Middle School Coordinator

Kelly Katauskas

Upper School Coordinator 

Michelle Denney

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator

Julie Butterstein

Faculty/Staff Birthday Coordinator

Gia Wiseman

New Student Coordinator

Dana Herman

Moms-in-Prayer Coordinator

Jennifer Belflower

PTF Forms

Fundraiser Request Form

Expense Proposal Form

Request For Reimbursement Form

Fundraiser Deposit Form